Virabhadrasana A/B | Warrior A/B


> A: Square the hips turn the back foot in 45 degrees (front foot facing forward). Keep the back leg straight and press the inner seam of the front foot to the mat and the outer heel of the back foot. Without arching the back or raising the shoulders arms above the head, palms together. Keep the arms straight and the shoulders down.

> B: Front knee 90 degrees, press the inner seam of the front foot and the outer heel of the back foot, tuck the tail bone under, keep the shoulders down- lengthen between the hands and up.

Key benefits:

> Strengthens and stretches the thighs, calves, and ankles
> Strengthens the shoulders and arms, and the muscles of the back (A)
> Stretches the groins, chest and lungs, shoulders
> Stimulates abdominal organs
> Increases stamina
> Relieves backaches, especially through second trimester of pregnancy (B)
Therapeutic for carpal tunnel syndrome, flat feet, infertility, osteoporosis, and sciatica (B)



Hold 30 sec – 1 min (beginners)


> Diarrhea
> High blood pressure
> Heart problems (A)
> Neck problems: Don’t turn your head to look over the front hand; continue to look straight ahead with both sides of the neck lengthened evenly (B). Keep head in a neutral position and not look up at the hands (A).
> Shoulder problems: Keep arms parallel (or slightly wider than parallel) to each other. Look straight ahead with the sides of the neck lengthened evenly, or look down at the floor. (A)

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