Salamba Sarvangasana | Supported Shoulderstand

The Shoulderstand is said to benefit all the parts of the body, hence its Sanskrit name comes from ‘sarva anga’ which means ‘all parts’. It is also known as the queen of all yoga poses, Headstand being the king. According to some there are three asanas which alone will keep you in perfect health: Headstand, Shoulderstand and Forward-bend.


> Preparing pose: Keep lenghtening the back of the body, press the palms towards the floor.
> Modification: Keep the elbows close to the body, keep the head still.
> Full position: Keep your neck long, don’t collapse the chin towards the chest. Keep the head still.

Key benefits:

> Opening the chest and shoulder area, releasing pressure.
> Balances the tyroid function, beneficial to your metabolism.
> Can reduce headache and relieve indigestion/constipation and stomach problems.



Preparing pose: Hold 3-5 min (all level of practitioners)
Modification: Hold 30 sec (beginners), 3-5 min (intermed/advanced)
Full position: Hold 30 sec (beginners), 3-5 min (intermed/advanced)


Do not practice modification or full pose in the beginning of your menstruation or if you suffer from high bloodpressure. Sarvangasana can be beneficial to stabilize the bloodpressure, but people who suffer from high bloodpressure shall always consult their doctor before attempting full inversions.

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