Bakasana | Crow pose


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Variations and self practise

In order to variate or adapt your practise in terms of time and effort you can perform your asanas in different modes. Hopefully this will help you to keep a steady and frequent yoga practise. You will find that different modes of performing the same asanas will give you very different experiences.

Connecting all positions through Sunsalutation and holding each position for 3 to 5 breaths. This mode is a good and easy way to create a flow, it also challenges your fitness and strength.

Connecting two or more positions by flowing from one into the other using breating. This mode takes more planning to create a good flow, but when you are comfortable with your program it’s a great way to explore it.

Holding each position 1 minute:
After a couple of rounds of Sun salutations, perform the finishing positions (not standing) seperately and hold each position and hold it for 1 min (approx 15-20 deep breaths). Between each position go to Savasana for 3-5 deep yogic breaths. This mode will give you a deeper practise and you should work deeper and deeper into each position while holding it.

Holding each position 5 minute:
Perform a few of the postures and hold them for 5 minutes (approx 60 breaths). Rest in Savasana between postures. When practising this mode only pick 3-5 positions, you can also use support to prevent overstraining yourself. This mode is good to release tensions.

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Anuloma Viloma

Anuloma Viloma, breathing exercise

Sitt med enkelt korslagda ben.
Vänster hand vilar på vänster knä i chin mudra (tummen mot pekfingret lång-, ring- och pekfinger raka). Höger hand tummen, ring- och lillfinger raka, böj lång-, och pekfinger mot handloven.

Stäng höger näsborre med höger tumme – andas in genom vänster på 4. Stäng vänster näsborre med höger ringfinger och andas ut genom höger på 4. Andas in genom höger näsborre på 4 – stäng höger näsborre med höger tumme och andas ut genom vänster på 4. Från början…

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