Matsyasana | Fish Pose

The Fish gets its name because it’s easy to float in water when in the advanced (Fish in Lotus) variation. This is because the pose releases the inhibitations on the lungs thus allowing greater capacity to fill with air. To derive the maximum benefit the Fish Pose should be done after the shoulderstand.


> Directly from Sarvangasana: Support the hands on the back and come back to Sarvangasana, lower the legs 90 degrees over the head and place the hands on the side of the hips, slowly roll down vertebra by vertebra and place the buttocks on the hands and legs in a cross legged position, press the elbows to the mat arch the back and place the crown of the head on the floor.
> Mod: Cross legged (no lotus), hands under buttocks (not holding feet)

Key benefits:

> Stretches the deep hip flexors (psoas) and the muscles (intercostals) between the ribs
> Stretches/stimulates the muscles of the belly and front of the neck
> Stretches/stimulates the organs of the belly and throat
> Strengthens the muscles of the upper back and back of the neck
> Improves posture
> Theraputical for constipation, respiratory ailments, mild backache, fatigue, anxiety and menstrual pain


Preparing poses: Hold 15 – 30 sec (beginners)
Modification: Hold 15 – 30 sec (intermediate)
Full position: Hold 15 – 30 sec (advanced)


> High or low blood pressure
> Migraine
> Insomnia
> Serious lower-back or neck injury

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